We are a school committed to a rigorous academic programme, while always being sensitive to individual abilities and circumstances.

Our school has earned a distinguished academic reputation, which relies upon us knowing, understanding and caring about each of our students. We make time to get to know their interests, their needs, and how to challenge them at their individual level. Our capacity to get the best out of each student also relies on us understanding what quality teaching looks like, and how classroom learning and the social and emotional development of students is supported by a rich cocurricular programme. The school’s two pillars of Care and Wellbeing and the Culture of Thinking outline our approach to learning and wellbeing.

PEGS is first and foremost a place of learning, and we understand that this learning takes many forms. While our commitment to provide students with the opportunities and support required to take on academic challenges remains steadfast, we are also mindful of the importance of supporting the social and emotional development of students, in order for them to have the courage to face these challenges head on. As a community, we invite students to care - about each other, about their learning and development, and about the world around them. We support students to become critical, creative thinkers with the skills and the courage to tackle novel problems. We foster in our students an enduring sense of compassion and kindness.

The school’s strong academic record and enriching cocurricular programs are a source of great pride for members of our community. These programmes have become ever more diverse to reflect both the interests of our students and changes in our world. Achieving this balance between continuity and change has created a school that continues to inspire me daily, just as we strive to inspire every student and staff member.

My greatest sense of pride stems from the efforts of our students – particularly those who are pushing themselves, taking risks and willing to make mistakes, all of which are fundamental to learning. I have well-founded faith in the staff who care for, challenge and support our students. I am proud of the way our students eagerly embrace the diverse opportunities our school provides. I feel that it is this diversity that allows everyone to find their niche and to pursue their goals, whether that is on the drama stage, on the sporting field, in the choir, in the classroom or a combination of them all.

As we ponder an ever-changing future, we will continue to revisit two central questions: who do we want our young people to become as a result of their time at PEGS? How can we help them to make their mark? In exploring these questions, we are mindful of both our rich traditions, and of the need to prepare our students for a dynamic future in a world where tomorrow will be different from today.

If you have any questions about the school or if you would like to organise a tour, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us.


Kate Dullard

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