Children enrolled at PEGS come from a wide range of backgrounds. 

Intake Years

Boys and girls usually join the school community at Kindergarten, Prep, Years 7 and 11. Applications for entry at other years are welcome, however admission is conditional upon casual vacancies being available.

Enrolment Procedures

Upon registration, all prospective students are placed on the school’s waiting list in order of their age, on the date that they were registered. We always advise to apply as early as possible. Registrations for unborn children will not be accepted.

All students are eligible to apply for entry with the exception of international students with Australian Student Visas (subclass 500).

Places will be allocated according to position on the waiting list. Factors including an existing affiliation between the school and an immediate family member may be considered at this time.

The inclusion of a student on the waiting list does not guarantee his or her acceptance as a student.

Before entry, selected students will be invited to attend an interview. The purpose of this interview is for us to learn about the student and his/her needs. The interview also provides the family with the opportunity to hear about the school and its programmes. A tour is provided at this time. Formal offers of a position are made following the interview. Please note that the timing of these interviews is dependent upon the level of entry.

Campus Tours

For parents who would like to visit the school, tours of each campus are available. Using the ‘Book a Tour’ button below, please advise which section of the school that you would like to tour and we will provide you with date options.

Scale of Fees

The scale of fees is located on the Terms and Conditions page of the online enrolment form. Alternatively, please email the Registrar to obtain the details of our current school fees.

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