Gottliebsen House is a caring community, where boys feel safe and valued. This section has been designed to reflect the way boys of this age learn, interact and play.

There is plenty of room for boys to transition easily between classes, while in the heart of the campus, the courtyard is cloistered and secure, evoking the experience of a friendly village square. Lively boys can stretch out on broad expanses of grass and courtyards, while new learning spaces of bright colour and sweeping views offer spaces to spark imaginations or offer quiet reflection.

At this crucial age, we create an educational experience that reflects the unique interests and needs of boys and young men. The curriculum for Years 7 to 10 has been developed to enable all boys to become successful learners across core and elective subjects in humanities, sciences, arts, languages, and commerce.

We also recognise that a single gender educational environment is a unique opportunity for a school to nurture the social growth of boys. This allows us better to equip them to develop positive relationships founded on mutual respect — both in regard to their treatment of peers and their responsibilities in how they relate to women and girls. In Middle School, boys and girls spend time together at lunchtime, in the school grounds and during co-curricular activities.

A diverse range of sporting, cultural and community activities furthers each student’s awareness and resilience, nourishing the heart and the mind together as one. Gottliebsen House provides care, support and encouragement to promote the growth of healthy self-worth, and to foster thinking skills that will help prepare each young man for VCE, and for the rest of his life.

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