McNab House provides a space in which girls have the confidence to be adventurous, to reach academic goals and to develop a strong sense of self. We know that girls can be more courageous when they learn in a single gender environment.

Collaborative learning spaces at McNab House allow girls to learn with and from their teachers and each other. Here, classrooms are places where effort and learning are visible at all times. New classrooms, art studios and science labs provide an academic arena for positive intellectual challenges.

The curriculum for Years 7 to 10 enables all girls to become successful learners across core and elective subjects in humanities, sciences, arts, languages, and commerce. This is a place where girls can develop the dispositions that will lay the foundations for effective thinking and learning in VCE.

In Middle School, girls and boys spend time together at lunchtime, in the school grounds and during co-curricular activities. Music, sport, drama and other opportunities further promote a sense of support and a positive, collaborative environment for girls and boys.

Above all, McNab House is a place where wellbeing and academic progress are intrinsically linked – and a place where high expectations are coupled with high levels of support.

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