From the Archives: 1973

The first co-educational classes are held at McNab House

With great hopes for its future, the first classes were held for Form 5 and Form 6 in 1973 at the new co-educational studies centre McNab House in 1973.

In the first Summary of Courses and Subjects for the Higher School Certificate, it states:

"The purpose of building this co-educational centre is to give you a chance to develop from being a student who has to be closely directed in your work, to a student, who at the end of your time at McNab House will be able to work successfully by yourself, without being a distraction to others.

This will not happen over night, it will be a gradual process. Therefore, do not expect, for a start, that it will be all free and easy with no uniform and no restriction whatsoever. You will receive guidance and counselling, and when you show that you can work by yourself, you will find that the restriction will be decreased and you will have only occasional checks.

However, do realise that you have a lot of work to do. This work must start back in 1972 and during the vacation, with reading of set books for English and the development of good reading and study techniques.

Most importantly, the success of this experiment depends on you. All will be ready for you to learn, to become independent thinking persons."