As well as creating opportunities for higher levels of academic achievement, we believe that a single gender setting can also encourage boys to develop better socially at this age. We offer the younger boys nurturing and guidance, and the opportunity for responsibility and independence.

From Prep to Year 6, each educational level is tailored to help boys use their imagination and intellect to prepare for the years ahead. By balancing a small learning environment with the resources of the larger school, our junior years offer a nurturing and caring environment designed to help each boy thrive. 

All Junior School students study English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Health and Personal Development, with specialist offerings such as Music, Drama, Dance, Art and Mandarin Chinese. Extra support is provided at every year to consolidate or extend learning according to individual needs.

Beyond the classroom, Junior School boys enjoy opportunities in sports, as well as music ensembles including choir, band, orchestra and many other activities.

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