We encourage our girls to be confident, active learners who thrive on challenges and the exhilaration of discovering their talents. The belief that a single gender setting encourages young girls to develop better socially has inspired our engaging programmes and dedicated staff in every way. We want our girls to feel connected and to develop a sense of responsibility to their school and the wider community.

Each educational level from Prep to Year 6 is designed to help girls prepare for the years ahead. The Junior (girls) campus combines an intimate and nurturing learning environment with the resources of the larger school, where every girl can thrive.

All Junior School students study English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Health and Personal Development, with specialist offerings such as Music, Drama, Dance, Art and Mandarin Chinese. Extra support is provided at every year to consolidate or extend learning according to their individual needs.

Beyond the classroom, Junior School girls enjoy opportunities in squad training swimming, athletics, cross country, netball and hockey, as well as music ensembles including choir, band, orchestra and many other activities.

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